Being diagnosed with diabetes means big life changes. Along with it comes a learning curve and a new schedule: test, record, eat, test, record, inject, test, eat…

One of the toughest changes is the new cost to living with diabetes. This can lead to skipping critical blood sugar tests putting diabetics at risk of more serious medical complications.

This high cost has lead to 57% of Canadians living with diabetes not doing what’s needed to keep their diabetes in check.

This is what we want to change. With your help we can give free glucometers and test strips to those in need. We call our giving efforts 12 for 12.

12 for 12

For every 12 customers we get we give a 12 month subscription to someone living with diabetes in need. As you are diligent in monitoring your blood sugar levels with Good Glucos you can feel good knowing that you’re also helping someone lessen the blow of diabetes.

Apply for the 12 for 12 Program

Are you finding it difficult to test as much as your doctor is telling you because of the high cost of blood glucose test strips? Fill in the form below and we will be in touch to see if you qualify for our 12 for 12 program.